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Kasha (or porridge) is one of the most common meals of East European and Russian cuisines. So, what is kasha? Opposite to misconception that kasha is made only from buckwheat (buckwheat kasha) – kasha historically is a meal prepared using any grain (buckwheat, oats, wheat, millet, barley, rice, etc) as a main ingredient.

Kasha Recipes

Also, when talking about kasha, it is difficult not to mention whole grain foods story which becomes more and more popular around a world. Kasha, if prepared using whole grains, can be a great addition to a long range of delicious whole grain foods and excellent way to enjoy health benefits of whole grains. But not any meal using grains is kasha. Kasha as Russian food has a very long history.. In Russia for hundreds of years it was considered the most common, second in importance to only bread, meal. Even now kasha is one of the basic elements of Russian food. It can be sweet or savory, served at breakfast, as a side dish or even as a meal in itself. Kasha can be plain or cooked with other ingredients. It is difficult to imagine any simpler and easier cooked meal that in the same time has so many varieties and flavors.

Cooking Kasha

Usually, kasha is very easy to cook. Dozens of easy kasha recipes exist, including quick recipes for kids, vegetarian, vegan recipes, whole grain foods and recipes, and even raw food diet recipes. All in all, kasha is great for children and adults – many grains used to cook kasha contain dietary fiber, the wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It can be a part of any healthy diet. Kasha prepared from whole grains is especially nutritionally reach . Some recipes may be included in the list of heart-healthy and weigh loss choices. Also, some research suggests that several grains may lower risk of Type 2 diabetes , lower high cholesterol, and contribute to improvement of some allergies and skin conditions. Some kasha recipes can be an an excellent addition to non gluten diet.

Also, kasha is probably the easiest meal where you can experiment by creating your own recipes. Cooking kasha is never boring – you can try hundreds of new flavors and varieties of kasha by changing cooking techniques and by adding different ingredients. Just follow these simple kasha coking tips we have on this website. You can prepare low-fat and low-calorie meals, as well as delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. With hundreds ingredients to choose from, your family, including your kids, will never get bored even eating kasha every day. And of cause, don’t forget about another popular Russian food: Russian borsch (borscht) or shchi for starter. You can even make cooking kasha to be a part of family fun by inviting your children to participate in choosing and mixing kasha ingredients.

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Whole Grains Fact: In whole grains the bran is the hard outer shell that provides a rich source of fiber, trace minerals, phytochemicals and B vitamins. This is why food prepared according whole grain recipes is longer to cook. See more about whole grain facts and recipes.